Zade Count

On this page, I shall summarise my Zade counts.

Ever since Season 2 began, I’ve wanted every Zoe and Wade to have sex in every episode. Haha. I can only live vicariously through them. And fictionally.

So far [as of Episode 5], I’ve only been disappointed once. Fortunately, the writers more than made up for it by having Earl reveal that Wade thinks of Zoe a lot. haha. sweet.

S01E22 – one encounter. apparently 3 times at least. lol. (mentioned in S02E01)

S02E01 – one. at the end of episode.

S02E02 –  once this episode. at least once in-between this episode and the previous one.

S02E03 – zero. boo hoo. thank goodness for that segment with earl! The thing is, not sure how many days happened between this episode and the next, but by that time, they’ve been having sex every day. oooo sexy.

S02E04 – i’m going to count this as twice, although the 2nd one is only implied. yay!

S02E05 – counting 2 as well. 2nd one also implied.

S02E06 – 2. 1st one implied. 2nd one they’re in bed, obviously there’s action before and after.

S02E07 – 2. both implied.


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