Hart of Dixie S02E07

While watching the “previously on” section, I was reminded of something I neglected to comment on in the previous episode: Ruby’s dress! Was there some kind of symbolism in her dress, with its white sash-like stripe diagonally across?  I am assuming it is a deliberate costume choice, hinting that she could win? (but we all know now that she didn’t win the race. but she sure won something else she wanted!)

First scene opens with…..Wade spent the night at Zoe’s! They’re so cute. But he’s waking her up with his laughter. While watching cartoons. Sitting on her bed. Eating her cookies!! Cookies that her mum shipped over specially from New York! Black and white cookies! [Is this a hint to some kind of branded cookie??? Oh it isn’t. It’s really some kind of New York thing!] Zoe’s not happy. Not happy. Is this their first fight? Heh heh heh. He tries to be glib but she’s not having it. He apologises nicely. But the follow-up attempt to have makeup sex doesn’t fly with Zoe.
“Oh gee. [sarcastically] How can I resist such a romantic proposal?] {I like the way she says it~ It’s almost like she’s singing.}
Wade reminds her that their arrangement doesn’t require it and that’s why he likes it.

Seriously? This is a reminder of Episode 4 where they were both proclaiming how much they liked the arrangement. Is this going to be a pattern? Zoe asks for something from Wade in the relationship, he ends up agreeing, but in the next episode, she’s the one who strays. Writers, you’d better be better than me.}

She tells him to go away. And gives the now ‘classic’ line: I’m not saying that I want romance. But I’m also not a Ford. I need something besides your key to start my engines. {whoa}
Wade’s no fool: So you Are saying you want romance.
Zoe: {maybe it’s too early in the morning} No. (Wade looks doubtful) I don’t know. Nevermind.
And she gets up. They have a few more lines to and fro. Then she shuts her toilet door on him. Wade gives a ‘what gives’ expression. But I think he knows he’s made a mistake.

Zoe walks into the kitchen. Lavon is shirtless. They exchange some chatter about what he had been up to. He’s making breakfast for Ruby. Zoe observes how romantic the gesture is. Zoe tries to extricate herself from the rapidly heating up scene, but Ruby is trying to make nice. I’m not too sure whether the ‘no’ to coffee was real or a convenient excuse, and I’m not too clear whether she really forgives Ruby since Ruby’s reasoning is that she and Lavon have already put unpleasant matters behind them.

I’m not convinced of Lavon’s and Ruby’s chemistry. Seriously, I want Lemon to come between them. Without looking like it happened that way. Heh heh heh. Or maybe Annabeth will do it for Lemon! Would make for an extra juicy layer to the story.

Next scene. Lemon finds Annabeth at the Butter Stick Bakery and declares to her that they will join forces and open a catering business. Annabeth tells her no as it isn’t a good time. At first, I thought she was just nervous about saying no to Lemon. We later find out that it was just a cover. Annabeth already started the business alone and was catering an event for George!

At the clinic. As it turns out, since Brick did not like the receptionists Zoe liked, they are stuck with an intern, Rose! Yay~~~She’s so cute in that just-right mix of child and adult.

Brick walks in, happy that He’s getting some romance. Oh my I can see it starting to build up when I watch it this time.

A call comes in. The town’s high school football team has come down with a fungus and needs Brick there. Rose is into someone on the team. It turns out Brick is not available after his appointments as he’s supposed to skype with Emily. Zoe volunteers to go, but Brick says that’s not a good idea, reminding her of what she stirred up the last time she was there. Rose is on Brick’s side, so he says he forbids Zoe from going. Zoe gets truly riled up and calls them (the men) Neantherthals, and brings up romance, then storms off. {She needs to tell Wade….} Brick’s day is ruined.

Ruby and Lavon meet Lemon on the street. Insults follow.

Lemon meets George coming out of the Dixie Stop. That’s when Annabeth’s true situation is revealed.

Ruby and Lavon stuff. I’ll summarise quickly. Lavon wonders what went wrong. How come Grandpa hates him so much? After a few more interactions, it is revealed: Grandpa thinks that Lavon and Ruby together means that Ruby is stuck in Bluebell when she should be somewhere else. I did love how Lavon tried to sic Burt Reynolds on Grandpa after he insulted Lavon’s mother’s recipe.

Zoe in the football team’s locker room, spraying their feet and giving them instructions on continued care. A boy tries to get fresh.
Zoe: Oh, how cute, a baby caveman.

‘medical’ case of the episode is mixed up with the ‘zoe wants romance’ arc.

Zoe goes over and tries to get the start kicker to buck up and get his head in the game. As we see the boy look happier and happier, Zoe is clueless as to the effect she has had on him.
The thing is, I don’t get how it happened. He was looking at his (ex)girlfriend’s picture, being emo. When Zoe introduces herself, it actually registers in his head that she is Rose’s friend. As she is trying to talk up Rose, how they broke the mold when they made her, he ties it back to his ex, since that was what they used to say about her too. He is still emo. Zoe sits down and continues talking to him. He realises the importance of football to the town and wants to get out of his funk. But Zoe has no magic pills for him. She gets some jokes in. He claims he can’t kick without his gf, and Zoe likens her to his lucky charm. She tries to get him to see who else was his lucky charm before, and it turns out to be a string of girls. *faintz*

OH. I see it now. Zoe puts a reassuring hand on Max’s wrist as she tells him “Sounds like having a special someone in your life gives you confidence.” Alamak. Just like that. He’s fallen for her. faintz. She doesn’t see it and carries on telling him how special he is, and that he should find someone special like him. She starts to describe Rose, but Max think she means herself when she says the person might be right under her nose. Because she was so cryptic, he really thinks Zoe was talking about herself! faintz.

Lemon and Annabeth on their matter. Ups and downs, etc etc etc. {You can tell I want to get back to Zoe and Wade but this episode has so much happening!} Because of a last minute doubling of the guest list, George asks Lemon to help Annabeth out. I guess she agreed. Annabeth finds out Lemon is secretly helping, so Lemon’s help becomes outright.

Zoe going for some cute moment with Wade here?
Zoe: Bartender, a glass of Pinot
Wade: For the millionth time, we’ve got red, and we’ve got white. So..
Zoe: I know, I just miss saying it. Red.
Wade: You’re in a good mood.
Zoe: I cured some foot fungus. began to break through a kid’s mental block, while doing a little matchmaking in the process. a good day’s work.
Wade: And you haven’t even opened my present yet
The scene starts to look a little romantic.
Zoe: What’s this for?
Wade: You said you wanted a little romance, I listened. {wow he’s trying}
Alamak. it’s a thong. wrapped in tinfoil?? she calls it butt floss. hahaha. she tells him he can use it (it glows in the dark) to light the way back to his own bed that night.

Just as Zoe and Rose are having their girly chat, something happens…………

a flash mob! the whole town is doing it! Rose detects that it is for Zoe. omg! did i see earl? for a moment, zoe thinks it was wade, but no. then Max (the footballer, Rose’s crush) appears. Rose is disappointed and angry. Zoe knows something is wrong.

Wade comes over to rub it in. (Huh?) “Oh, romance, oh just my luck. I’m too late”. Zoe tells Rose she will fix the problem.

Side note: I’m seeing lots of outdoor shots. Must be something they did during the hiatus. It does enlarge the geography of the town somewhat. (But seriously, how many people does the town have? When I saw the board of voters, it looked no larger than 1000. Supposing a healthy population of youth and children, maybe 1500 in total?)

The next day, the clinic is full of flowers from Max. Rose is not happy. I like her exasperation: “Oh my god, how much allowance does that kid get?”

Zoe wants to let the kid down, but Brick doesn’t let her, because keeping Max happy is more important to this town than Zoe doing the right thing. AIYOH!

Zoe cancels her patients to go off the grid. She hides out in her house. Wade comes looking for her. They are so cute together. He tells her to let the kid get to first base (hand up the skirt), which apparently explains something to Zoe, but of course it was lost on me until I checked the urban dictionary. It does explain something.

She tells Wade indirectly that Max’s version of romance is better and tells him to learn a few lessons from Max. That ‘hey’ Wade gives sounds really loaded. Heh. He’s actually miffed! I suppose in his own way, he did try. haha. But still, he totally deserved it. Then Max has found Zoe and come knocking on her door. Wade looks ‘eager’. “Well, well, well, class is in session.” Zoe tries to stop Wade from opening the door by pulling his shirt, but it fails. Of course it fails. That was a lame attempt. Even lamer, she hides behind Wade! lol. I mean, it actually works, but Wade is determined to spoil her plans to stay away from Max.

Zoe’s “Hey, Max, wazzup, brother” is lost on Max. The way Wade refers to himself as the third wheel, also totally lost on Max. haha. poor kid. Zoe’s not happy. The kid is so infatuated he refers to Demi Moore and Aston Kucher making it work for some time. Aiyohz.

It sounds safe enough that Max is only asking for dinner. Zoe tries to avoid it but fails because Wade spoils her story. He was listening outside! Seriously, it’s really quite funny. Wade, “It’s a date, she’ll see you then.” He’s quite enjoying it. I like his mix of childishness and adult here. It’s a healthy one. Wade bets that Max will bring her a corsage. Zoe chases him out. lol.

This town is full of crazy people. Brick actually sends over drinks for Zoe and Max on their ‘date’. geee….

Lemon can be so….brusque. She disrupted Annabeth’s prayer circle because of timing. Annabeth’s voice makes her anger obvious. Finally Lemon gets it. But they argue and storm off anyway.

Zoe must be starved of compliments, because she nicely says thank you (with her mouth full) when Max says she is magnificent. Rose and Tonya (guest star, McKayla the gymnast) are at the bar (drinking milkshakes i think) throwing daggers at them. It is lost on Max.

Zoe tells Rose she doesn’t really want to be there, but Rose says she’s old and smart enough to find a way. Is Wade agreeing? He’s being weird. “What’d I do?”
But eventually it does go too far and Zoe has run out of ways to not let Max hold her hands. She finally tells him it’s wrong for her to go on this date with him. And she can be so blunt. The New Yorker is back! But she breaks his heart anyway.

The next morning, the town’s upset at her. Nice interaction with George. He’s on the side of the townspeople. Side note: They could be good friends if the writers would actually write George properly. Seriously, every line out of him with the single ladies in all previous episodes just sounded like flirting all the way. That’s just unnatural to me (but supposedly natural to all them southern gentlemen). Nice line thought: I’ll tell you what, if you need any legal protection, you just give me a call.” But now Wade is on her side. I want to know what he’s been thinking! Ah. He’s jealous in a different way. Says the boy is acting like a hero in a romantic comedy and that’s not how the world works, and Zoe breaking Max’s heart is just toughening him up. Zoe can’t believe her ears. (Wade is still not getting this thing right with Zoe). How come he still doesn’t see what she’s getting at? Zoe tells Wade that Max is already tough and it took guts to do what he did. (is this a mini fight?) Wade says Max was prancing around and making a fool of himself. Zoe disagreed. While it may have been over the top, it was nice to be appreciated. Which is what she wants. (And which I believe she hasn’t been showing Wade enough of! Seriously, the pattern is here!) “In the end, that is all a romantic gesture is meant to do.” I’m glad she said that to Wade! Oooo she also says, “At least he took a chance.” Now Wade has another funny look on his face. It got to hiim. Mind must be swirling. Yup. He knows it for sure now.

George tries to get Lemon and Annabeth to work together. It eventually works out. I think he’s going to have to do all legal work for Lemon for free for at least the next 15 years!

Oh Zoe went to talk to Max! It was nice and honest, and she essentially told Max what she had already said about him (but to Wade). I like her talk about believing in himself. She told him he was brave and that she knew grown men (or was it just wade she was talking about?) who couldn’t do what he did. Great line about how his feet have moves. And the “go get them. huh” with actions was nice.

Nice team! And they won!

Zoe gets compliments! From Dash and (a reluctant) Brick. haha!

Rose and Zoe make up. Rose is invited to the victory party!

Awww…..Wade asks Wanda for advice. Indirectly. Awwww….so sweet! Like she said, “It really doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s from the heart”. Now that finally gets Wade thinking. (Maybe it was too noisy previously).

And the aww shucks scene at the end.

SO SWEET!!! Wade says the cookies are a mess, but Lavon’s kitchen is worse. She’s so touched! He said he had never really baked before. O my gosh just the way he said it….melt.

“I can’t believe you did this.” It really is all in the way she delivers the line. So sweet. So beautiful. She was like this young girl in love! To bad they didn’t taste good. “It’s the thought that counts. She’s just so sweet here!!!! I really thought they were going to kiss here! And that sweet look on Wade’s face. Oooolala. The silence and questioning looks and the final ‘giving in’ was so nice. Though it’s back to ‘just sex’ again. “Thank god, I thought you’d never ask”

This show is worth watching again and again! I really dig the Zade scenes, and really this last one was magnificently delivered.

Am I the only one who would have tried to ship new cookies from New York instead of baking? :p

I’d consider this a 2-Zade-count episode, both implied.  And 1 almost major moment for Zade. WOohoo!~YAY~

Note to self>>> Press save or update now!!


New effort – A response to AfterBuzz TV AfterShow Hart of Dixie S02E06

I’ve liked this aftershow so far. But because I’m not sure I want to be directly linked to them yet, I’ve not posted anything or any comment. Here, I’ll repond to what they brought up on the aftershow. Here goes!

They have Tim Matheson on this aftershow! He directed this episode! That’s why it was so Brick-lite. heh.

They discuss the election first. First, the debate. We are mostly not Ruby fans. But we agree Lavon’s reactions were cute.

People like AB! They talk about how the cast really gets along. Tim shared how it is like to be directing and acting in the same episode.

Lots of Team Wade here.

Apparently they were very serious shooting the sexual scenes at first, but eventually it became more ‘fun’.

The conversation just flowed. I’m not disagreeing much. But I’m not going to recap it here.

Predictions. I agree with the prediction that something is going to develop between George and Tansy. Lemon needing a new man? Hmm….I’d like her to do the whole triangle with lavon and ruby thing first. but i’ve also seen spoilers that the doctor from the bar episode comes back, so not much of a prediction. i’m not spoiler free.

Hart of Dixie S02E06

ARGH!!!!! My computer rebooted without warning!!!!!
There were so many precious exchanges in this episode!

Edited to add: OMG!!!! My draft was actually saved!! I’m going to combine my efforts.

I have to admit. For a Zade shipper, this was really a boring episode.

Worse, I’m really not a visual person, and I only got a little happier after I saw what other fans had pointed out.
Alright! A quick commentary/recap, and then we’ll finally get back to shipping again!

Opening scene, the town’s pickin’ chicken has been at it for some time, and it always picks Ruby as the winner of the mayoral election! Lavon is understandably upset, because for the past 200 years, the chicken has always accurately predicted the winner.

“Oh. So I’m up in the polls. Aww. But I’m down on the poultry” lol. the humor/punning.

And there’s a big debate that night! Where he’s supposed to crush Ruby.

And Ruby walks over. And Lavon is all gushy over her. Omg what happened??? Just that 1 apology at Halloween and he’s back under her spell?

And Lemon suddenly flirts with Lavon after Ruby’s gone! It wasn’t too obvious as flirting, so I don’t think Lavon noticed at all.

Brick is cranky. [medical case of the episode]. Zoe gets a jab in behind his back. haha Magnolia wants a driving lesson. Brick confesses he was gambling on the fact that she wouldn’t get her learner’s permit. This girl really is a natural at getting her way, but she’s real mean in the way she does it!

“Oh daddy, I was really hoping it would be like that time when you taught me to ride the bike. Remember that?” “oh. sure. sure i do” “no you don’t. because it never happened. oh. and now look at you. you feel bad, and i hate to see you feeling bad, so teach me to drive.”

Brick caves. But continues to be so cranky, Magnolia actually asks Zoe to fix him. cue animal joke.

Zoe is at the Rammer Jammer, having told Wade about Brick’s more than usual state of crankiness. Wade’s diagnosis? Brick needs to get laid. hahahahahahah. How come they didn’t use the joke here like that? hahaha. Instead he just said “he just needs to get laid” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH double meaning! LOL

Zoe turns the question on Wade. but she asks it in the wrong way. really walked into that one herself.
Zoe: Is sex that important to you? I mean, (voice drops to a whisper) if we were to stop having sex would you turn into a raging lunatic?
Wilson Bethel is such a wonderful actor here. He goes expression, expression, expression, then “No.”
Zoe: Ok. good. [Then Zoe slowly realises……] because then you’d start having sex with someone else. [ahahaha. she really walked into that one herself]
Wade smiles widely. hahahaha.
Wade: You know, it’s touching how well you know me. Well, at least they aren’t serious! Or so she wants to think.

It must have been her lunch break. Because she’s back at the clinic again! Sneaking up on Brick who is complaining that they are out of supplies. Aren’t they going to get a someone in soon or something? What happened to their assistant or whatever you call that person?

Zoe goes for the direct approach. The girl does not know subtle. She gets nowhere.

That night, the mayoral debate. Lemon and Annabeth are psyching Lavon up. Very weird scene. Turns out Annabeth has been watching MMA. George finds out that Presley doesn’t vote. Brick is feeling it’s unfair for Lemon who has to watch George date under her own nose. She says she’s fine. And he notices that she’s really fine. She acknowledges that may be someone she may have feelings for.

The debate is awkward. Ruby starts off strong. But Lavon just gets jittery everytime he turns to look at her! And then he starts flirting. Then it looks like they’re just flirting with each other instead of debating. Annabeth notices “Am I the only one who needs a cigarette after that?” [this line is so precious!]. Lemon, who had rediscovered her feelings for Lavon, looks sad. “I think he likes her”. O M G.
Annabeth: this does not happen in Mixed Martial Arts. ahahahhaahah

The next day. Election day!
The exchange is precious.

Lemon is on Lavon’s case.

Lavon: Look. I admit. I wasn’t on my A-game last night.
Lemon: That, is because you’re involved with Ruby Jefferies.
Lavon: I told you, I’m not.
Lemon: Then why don’t I believe you?
Lavon: You may be naturally distrustful. Due to the circumstances of your life. What not.
Lemon gives a disbelieving ‘huh’: The entire town saw you practically endorsing her for mayor.
Lavon: I was being civil.
Lemon: Fine. Then cut it out, okay? You go out, you be seen, but you stay away from Ruby Jefferies, lest you get “civil” with her again and hand her the mayor’s hat. OR gavel. Or whatever else comes with being the mayor.
Lavon: it’s nothing really. it’s just parking {so sad}

Lemon is still doing her job, grabbing every possible vote for Lavon. She mobilises people to grab every last possible vote for Lavon. Tom has discovered a new mobile home at the edge of town. Lemon tells Annabeth to go but she refuses. Wade comes in at that point and Lemon descends on him. He looks like he had just gotten up and he was looking for something to eat. He looks cornered and slightly stunned. His face is just telegraphing question marks. {The scene really looks better than it sounds.} Just as Lemon is saying “Anyone who cares for Lavon must scour the entire town for additional votes,” Zoe walks in. “I wanna help, what can I do?” Lemon gets her to make sure all her patients go to the polls.

This next part is precious. All the shippers love this scene.

Lemon, being Lemon, sees something….
Lemon (to Zoe): What in the world are you wearing? [looks from Wade to Zoe to Wade]. [Wade looks too. As if noticing for the first time] Is that Wade’s shirt? [He looks surprised that she noticed.] Side note: isn’t this one of those sexy things that only actual couples do? They are clearly more serious than they realise. I just hope Wade doesn’t remember/re-realise that Zoe is just treating him like a piece of meat. Did he forget how much he likes her? sigh. Maybe he hasn’t dared to admit it to himself. *groan*
Zoe: Is it? Wade, I told you to do your own laundry. stop putting your stuff in with mine. [the 2nd sentence a little louder, and she storms off. wow she was quick here. wade still looks stunned. as if seeing what she’s wearing with new realisation for the first time. ]
Wade (with slow realisation): hoh. Man, I really…hate…her. [Pretend laugh]
I hope he starts realising he actually wants to show people they’re together, but without really telling or making a big fuss. And I hope he doesn’t remember that she seems to be embarassed about their relationship, however underdefined it is.
Lemon let’s the topic go for now. Heh. I guess she remembered that Zoe had told her they had had sex.
But Wade has just had a thought/realisation. [hmm…I guess they’ve not had their first fight yet. Imagine if he starts realising here that she is still hiding their relationship, probably because she’s embarassed. or trying to stay in george’s good books by hiding it somehow. zoe-logic]

I’m going to make this the first Zade count of the episode.

Go to scene. Brick and Magnolia screaming at each other over the driving lesson. He actually tells her “shoo! shoo!” ahahahaha

Zoe, having witnessed the scene, volunteers to teach Magnolia. In exchange for getting to give Brick a medical examination. He realises it is a good deal, and takes it.

Lemon asks George to find someone to vote for Lavon. (cute exchange, but not cute enough to put here). Wade checks in with Lemon. That trailer turns out to be his ex-wife’s. “Oh good lord, so does she like you or hate you these days” “I guess we’ll find out” They have a nice chat until Wade tries to insist on Tansy coming to vote, when she’s adamant at not doing so because she’s outside the boundaries by 6 feet. And she insists on staying out. They argue. Nice play on words!

“Well, how much further away do you want me to go. I’m already in the next town!” haha. Wade is witty. He’s very pleased with the joke he made. haha

And Lavon is distracted while voting, because Ruby’s there too! He tries to escape but she runs up to him anyway. She confronts him about the ‘debate’ the night before. She asks if he was flirting with her. He denies it. (Oh man up! Why do shows do this?) but tentatively turns the question back on her. “why? were you?”. She says yes, but the attitude is sarcastic. But as she walks off, he stops her and asks about her plans after the election. She says she plans to be mayor because she’ll win. His words indicate he’s hopeful that she has a reason to stay if she loses. But she tells him if she loses, she’d leave straight away. Awww…sad face on Lavon.

Brick is still glued to his phone while Zoe is doing her exam on him. She asks him some questions, and all seems normal until it gets to Emily, and then the beeps increase. His heartbeat I believe. He tries to blame it on his thyroid.

Back at the trailer, Wade has called George in to help move Tansy’s trailer! He tried to trick George into doing it. But fails.

Lavon finds out Lemon had promised (for him) that he would do chores for Bluebelleans who vote for him. e.g. cut their yard, paint a fence, fix a birdhouse. He calls it undignified and buying votes. Lemon is very frustrated. She’s going all out to get votes, but to her, it looks like Lavon doesn’t want Ruby out of their lives. When he questions why Lemon wants Ruby gone, she answers that she doesn’t care, because if he doesn’t care, why should she? and she quits being his campaign manager!

Zoe is giving Magnolia her driving lesson. Her obsessiveness with her phone and her revealing that someone was supposed to text her gives Zoe a clue into Brick’s behaviour.

Back to the trailer. George tries another way to convince Tansy. It works! Tansy gets to cut George’s hair, he acts like her walking advertisement, and she moves back into Bluebell for the day and votes. It goes fine until Wade gets tired of waiting and hitches the trailer up to the pickup and drives off without warning, making Tansy shave off some ugly looking patches of hair. AIYOH

Annabeth has found out that Lemon quit. She’s not happy because she’s taking it personally. Because if Lemon gets Ruby out of town, Annabeth would get a shot at Lavon. Lemon finally gets honest. She tells AB that she can’t do that. AB asks why not, since AB saw him first and high school doesn’t count. And finally Lemon tells her that she didn’t see him first. Lemon did. She finally acknowledges that they were in love once, and she might still be. AB immediately switches to best friend mode. Very cute moments.

Zoe confronts Brick about what problems he’s having. It turns out he and Emily haven’t talked for 3 days, compared to everyday before that. His mind is running wild about what it means. Zoe convinces him to go find out. He’s about to pack to go when he realises he forgot to vote! But it’s almost 5 already! Zoe remembers and gives him the absentee in proxy ballot. The pen he first gets doesn’t work! But they find one that does and he signs it before the bell is rung! It’s valid!

The next scene shows Tom shouting “It’s a tie” to the people in the Rammer Jammer. Turns out the tiebreakers are 1) recount [already done], 2) duel (with weapons), 3) the chicken picks. *screams of terror*

AB takes Lemon aside and convinces her to tell Lavon how she feels, because it looks like Ruby is staying and the story seems to lead to Lavon+Ruby, and if she doesn’t tell him, the chicken might decide for her….

Now it’s Wade’s turn to give relationship advice? He’s asking Lavon why he isn’t watching the chicken pick the mayor, when Lavon reveals he doesn’t want Ruby to leave. Lavon decides to run to tell Ruby before the chicken decides. Just as he’s on his way out, Lemon is on her way in. But Lavon doesn’t stop for her. I feel sad for Lemon.

I’m not liking the order of the scenes here, and there’s too much ‘clear plotting’, because it is at the chicken picking arena that George and Tansy tell Wade that even dragging her into town, it was too late as the polls had closed. Sheesh. Didn’t he have the absentee proxy votes too! obviously another stupid trope. As their voices get raised, George ends up shouting that Tansy gave him a bad haircut. The whole town hears. Now Tansy is mad at George too.

Lavon gets to Ruby before the chicken picks. She wants to see, but ends up going with him when he insists.

Presley sees George and reveals she voted for Ruby. It’s awkward and angry. They part ways.

Meanwhile, Lavon tells Ruby how he feels. He’s so messed up by her! She’s honest with him too.
Back at the chicken, Zoe is walking up to Dash (superintendent of elections) with the vote. Just in time! I’m surprised they didn’t make it more dramatic. Dash’s calmly spoken “Tom, stop the chicken.” Really downplays the moment. When Dash announces that the election goes to Lavon, he and Ruby are nowhere to be found. Until the trailer is driven off and reveals them kissing. Poor Lemon! Dash’s look is priceless. Why is Tom so happy?

Back at the office, Zoe finds out from Brick (over skype) that all is fine!

Lemon is being sad at Lavon’s place. HUH? She pretends she was just collecting her things and avoiding him because she thought he would be at his party longer.
He comes in and asks her what it was she had wanted to talk to him about. She claims she doesn’t remember. He gives her a scented candle to thank her. HUH? His line “I hope it is to your taste. I never know what you want.” is so loaded with meaning, though not to him. Classic case of 言者无意 听者有心。She makes a dignified exit. Then they show Lavon looking as if he’s detected something.

And finally, 1 more scene of Zoe + Wade! They’re obviously in her bed. Pink sheets and pillowcases and all. Oh my. And now I totally see what everyone else was screaming about. It’s very interesting positioning – they’re spooning, with Wade’s forearm is under Zoe’s upper arm, and he has his hand over hers. Wade claims he was right after all. But Zoe says it was more nuanced than the way Wade has put it. This whole discussion is so sweet. It is totally different from the “it’s all about the sex” type of behaviour they’ve shown us in the past. The writers had better not be toying with us!!!!!

In an interesting change of pace, we see George helping Tansy to set up again. And he gets her to fix the botched haircut. What a fascinating development! I do believe he has so much more chemistry with her than with Zoe! Woohoo!

Zade count: 2. yay!