Hart of Dixie S02E03

Opening scene: Wade singing. Shirtless, as it turns out. Earphones on. Painting Zoe’s room! She’s sleeping! So weird. I’m sure he’s doing it on purpose.

He still likes to disturb her. Why does he call her singlet a skimpy t-shirt?

Apparently she’s supposed to know that he’s coming over to paint?

He needles her, saying she must be trying to lure him back into bed although he already said he wasn’t interested. She throws a pillow at him. haha.

She complains to Lavon, who says she’s just upset because they aren’t sleeping together anymore.

The Zoe story of the week is about her Alumni magazine’s reporter coming to follow her around. She’d sent an invitation implying she was doing great work in the little town, in protest, because for some reason, she had been listed as retired! faintz. That’s just ridiculous. Who would think that’s true? Or is there some other meaning of retired that I’m not aware of?

She claimed she’s reinventing healthcare in the town and changing the world. lame.

Cut to George going to tell Lemon (out of courtesy and so she isn’t blindsided by gossip) that he’s going on a date. Brick is still mad at George. [funny how george uses the same words again later, but that time, it is more effective.]

Cut to the rammer jammer and zoe is embarrassing herself by picking on the townfolk’s eating habits. She’s still always so awkward in dealing with them!

Wade looks on incredulous at her terrible suggestions.

Someone eventually throws a paper cup at her. lol

She picks on a guy in a suit who turns out to be the reporter. she is so bad at this…

Wade is rightly amused. lol.

She tries to portray her practice as something sophisticated.

Tom comes in with a rash. Reporter writes lame notes, then says he’s done. leaving.

Lemon runs to tell Annabeth about George’s date, and declares that she must get ahead of George and outdo him. Poor Annabeth doesn’t get to eat her comfort pastry until the end of the conversation. I don’t understand the fashion here. They both look as if they have dresses made from kiddy-pattern cloth. The poor girl just had her divorce finalised. Give her a break.

They end up going to shop for dresses for a night out in the next town.

She looks so happy when Lemon let’s her finish her cream puff!

Ruby is campaigning. Sigh.

Oh dear. Lavon doesn’t have 3 reasons why he wants to stay mayor. uh-oh.

After talking to Tom about his symptoms, Zoe thinks he has leprosy!

Lemon has a wonderful plan how to beat George. Lemon and Annabeth are actually in the same store as the girl who is going on the date with george. Lemon gets competitive straight away.

Brick has problems putting together his travel plans for his long distance relationship with Emily.

Zoe consults Brick on Tom’s symptoms. They agree on the possibility of leprosy. She finds out Tom may have gotten it from Crazy Earl. She quarantines Tom and he realises he’s the monkey from outbreak. lol.

Zoe calls the reporter. She has a little smile. poor girl.

Wade is even more amused by the idea that Earl may have leprosy. Their back and forth is really not something I’ve heard before. She wants his help to talk to earl.

Wade’s spot-on in guessing that this is linked to the reporter’s presence in town.

But she tries one last lame line, and he agrees to help.

George is on his date. Brick comes over, civil at first, then kicking up a big fuss, ruining the date.

George is lousy at this. You can play down the scale of the relationship, but you can’t belittle it!

Switch to Lemon in some place. Cricket (their friend) is with Ruby, who has just sent Lemon’s target a drink.

AH finally over to the scene I’ve been waiting for.

Earl sleeping on his couch. Wade slaps him awake lightly.

“You brought your girlfriend with you” to their mutual denial.

The leprosy theory pops out. Denial of possibility. And then….

Turns out there’s an armadillo Earl’s been trying to catch. Apparently some of them are infected with leprosy? Zoe takes Wade aside to tell him about that. (why ah? just tell earl too lah)

Cute conversation is what sparks Earl’s brilliantly insightful words.

Wade: That’s fascinating, but I have better things to do than to go on a half-assed armadillo hunt.
Zoe: Oh ya, like what? Not finish painting my carriagehouse? [Cue wade’s expression.]
Earl: oh ha, painting your girlfriend’s house? that’s sweet. [More wade’s expression.]
Wade: he’s a drunk, okay?
Earl: oh i may be drunk, but i’m not deaf. he talks you know. blah blah blah zoe, blah blah blah zoe, blah blah blah zoe, zoe, zoe, zoe, hehehe [cue cute expression from zoe. she’s delighted to know this]
Wade: you know what earl, maybe she’s right ok. you’ve got you’ve got leprosy of the brain. alright? let’s go.
Earl: where you going?
Wade: we’ve got an armadillo to catch.
Earl: is that what the kids are calling it these days? [cue zoe’s happy expression]

They set up a trap (using marshmallows??) in the woods.

Wade thinks they could be out there forever, since it’s not the best time to catch armadillos.

She’s looking at him with that expression that begs a ‘what’ from him.

Wade: What are you looking at
Zoe: Oh, just someone who talks to their father about me.
Wade: now see, I didn’t do that
Zoe: he seemed pretty confident that you did.
Wade: (nice touch with the way he said it. like he was trying to cover his true feelings) Well I wasn’t talking to him. No i mean i was er…I was probably complaining to him. yeah. sure. about how annoying you are
Zoe: oh
Wade: and i might have been explaining to him how my life has become so much easier since you and i stopped sleeping together, absolutely
Zoe:Oh yeah? well, for someone who’s annoyed with me all the time, and who definitely positively doesn’t want to sleep with me, you spend an awful lot of time in my house without a shirt. [is this how they always are before jumping into bed?]
Wade: why do you care whether or not i want to? {it’s all in the way he said it} you and i both know you’d rather waste your time being miserable about what your alumni magazine’s not writing about you or mooning over someone who’s totally unavailable, mm?
Zoe: i’m not miserable. i care..about my brand.  i do not moon. (voice raised) i have never mooned in my entire life!  [cue clang!]

The armadillo’s in the cage!

Wade: congratulations. you just caught your first armadillo.

Over to lemon. She grills cricket, who thinks ruby has changed, and they may have a lot in common. Annabeth adds, it’s true lemon, looks like you do share the same taste in men…(not knowing how true it is because of the lavon overlap!) lemon is throwing death stares at ruby’s back. Lemon goes over to compete for the man.

Switch to George’s date that will soon get ruined by Brick.

Then back to Lemon’s hunt. The guy does look a little amused by the 2 ladies competing. Guy leaves to take a call, and ruby just goes at lemon. Why in the world did she want to beat lemon so badly? is it so simple as the jealousy of seeing lemon getting everything else come easily to her?

When the guy gets back, lemon’s move is just solid. now how come she’s so good at this and george isnt?

Zoe is real pleased at having a story for the reporter. While she takes the call from the lab, Wade tells the reporter that the armadillo’s name is randy, with a y. ahahaha. Reporter looks half intrigued.

Tom’s happy to know he doesn’t have leprosy, but Zoey is disappointed. 她还想硬拗,saying ‘you could say that i changed his life’. reporter: one could, but this one wont.

appropriately, i would say that “zoe looks crestfallen”

wade is such the realist here: “oh come on doc, you can’t actually be disappointed that tom doesn’t have leprosy.”
zoe: what, i’m not.
wade: oh right, you’re disappointed that you didn’t stop the great alabama leprosy outbreak. which is, the same thing. *sigh* you know, i don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but uh, god sometimes i think you’re just the saddest person in the world, always looking over your shoulder wondering what life should be, instead of taking it for what it is. you’re not honest about what makes you happy. (zoe’s thinking expression) you know what i’m going to do tonight? i’m going to go home, i’m going to play video games for 2 3 hours.
zoe: oh, good for you, dream big.
wade: what i’m not going to do, is beat myself up for playing video games instead of saving the world. if i want to save the world, hell i’ll do it tomorrow.
zoe: if you have time between video games.
wade: exactly. cos it’s my choice. just like it was your choice to stay in bluebell, it’s your choice to be a gp instead of a super sonic space surgeon or whatever. and it was your choice to go to bed with me. and clearly, something about every one of those choices makes you happy. the problem is, they don’t match up with the picture you have in your head about what your life should be. and..
zoe: you don’t know as much about me as you think.
wade: yeah, you know what, maybe, maybe you’re right, maybe i don’t.but i do know this. if you want to be happy, doc. change your picture. (or) change your life. goodnight. (he leaves with the armadillo) she looks pensive.

oh man, that was about 1 minute of almost monologue! how cool is it that he’s so down to earth? sometimes i think we’ve been cheated by our dreams. i shouldn’t be taking it for real life, but it somehow seems apt. anyway, back to the show. wade’s just such an appropriate character to have for zoe!

at the rammer jammer, wanda talks to zoe, and gets the good news that tom will be ready for the date. a big deal date. very big deal for tom long. which is why he was self-medicating (they didnt make the connection directly to the rash)

switch to lemon’s encounter. she succeeds a little to well. which ends when she realises she’s not ready for it.

switch to brick and george fighting. and lavon comes along to mediate! and they thrashed things out. and something clicks in lavon.

zoe to tom: but it’s your life, and you have to be honest with yourself about how you want to live it.

zoe meets george on the street. they chat almost normally. what is that expression she has at the end? she has realised something.

lavon goes to tell ruby why he wants to be mayor. she doesn’t back down of course. but this whole southern belle demeanor is really very scary.

lemon and annabeth on the houseboat she had wanted to sink. AB offers it to lemon. they have a nice talk about lemon picking herself up and trying to put her life together. lemon offers her services as lavon’s campaign manager.

switch to wade playing some racing game

zoe knocks on the door with halo! has a conversation with him about videogames enhancing happiness. very 3rd-persony….and he teases her by saying that strip halo’s even better at enhancing happiness. zoe sits down to play videogames with him.

Zade count: zero. boo hoo. thank goodness for that segment with earl! The thing is, not sure how many days happened between this episode and the next, but by that time, they’ve been having sex every day. oooo sexy.