A response to AfterBuzz TV AfterShow Hart of Dixie S02E08

They discussed all the triangles in the show. I’ll come back to add to this, but I really wanted to comment on the Zoe-Wade-George thing and their ideas on why Zoe is having problems.

I think Zoe is still much more concerned about what it means if George is ok with her and Wade being together, than about what the town thinks. As I see it in my mind, the thoughts going on Zoe’s mind would be something along the lines of….

George is ok that Wade and I are together? But that means he’s over ME! That means we’ll never end up together! Oh no. What am I going to do now. We’re not the endgame!

Because, the silliest thing is, when she said she wanted him to date, I’m sure she wanted him to get over Lemon, when that wasn’t the real concern! I’m really curious as to why the writers decided to take them down this road instead of the typical soap opera one.