New effort – A response to AfterBuzz TV AfterShow Hart of Dixie S02E06

I’ve liked this aftershow so far. But because I’m not sure I want to be directly linked to them yet, I’ve not posted anything or any comment. Here, I’ll repond to what they brought up on the aftershow. Here goes!

They have Tim Matheson on this aftershow! He directed this episode! That’s why it was so Brick-lite. heh.

They discuss the election first. First, the debate. We are mostly not Ruby fans. But we agree Lavon’s reactions were cute.

People like AB! They talk about how the cast really gets along. Tim shared how it is like to be directing and acting in the same episode.

Lots of Team Wade here.

Apparently they were very serious shooting the sexual scenes at first, but eventually it became more ‘fun’.

The conversation just flowed. I’m not disagreeing much. But I’m not going to recap it here.

Predictions. I agree with the prediction that something is going to develop between George and Tansy. Lemon needing a new man? Hmm….I’d like her to do the whole triangle with lavon and ruby thing first. but i’ve also seen spoilers that the doctor from the bar episode comes back, so not much of a prediction. i’m not spoiler free.


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