Hart of Dixie S02E04

Scene opens with…..Wade and Zoe just had sex under the table! Apparently they roleplay. Apparently, this is a very casual arrangement.

Zoe tells Wade their no-strings arrangement is good because she doesn’t have to obsess whether he’s going to call, and they don’t have to hear about their day. And they say they’re both happy with the casual sex arrangement.

She suggests that they be strangers who meet on a train that night. hmmm. She acts happy about the casual thing.

Lemon is showing off her houseboat to Brick and Magnolia, but she still follows up on them. They show care for each other.

Zoe goes for breakfast at Lavon’s and she’s happy to see they’re having pancakes, claiming she understands carbo-loading now because of the sex. She’s itching to tell Lavon about her sex life, but he doesn’t want to hear it. She still compares it to a marathon anyway. She blames him for not having any girlfriends to share her life with because ruby is now running against him. She asks for the syrup to take to her place, itching to tell lavon why, but he doesn’t want to know.

At the rammer jammer, George is stuck continuing a ‘relationship’ with Shelby, from the date the previous episode, because he doesn’t know how to break up with her without hurting her. faintz. And Wade teaches him the compliment sandwich. And Wade can’t resist a jab at George, telling him to use it, or else in 15yrs he’s going to be wearing a discount tie (joke at shelby’s obsession) when he leaves her at the altar.

Scene: Ruby made an excuse to be Zoe’s patient so that they could talk. Ruby suggests ground rules keeping them away from campaign-related talk. Mostly that they should talk about boys. And Ruby brings up her cousin Zac, suggesting that zoe should go out with him. Zoe says she doesn’t think she can because she’s kind of unavailable. Ruby tries to guess who Zoe’s seeing. George or Wade? And she doesn’t know a 3rd possibility. Zoe can’t wait to spill: Wade!

Ruby: you’re going out with wade?
zoe: no. i’m just, kind of… staying in with wade.
ruby: ohhh, delicious. alright, ok, so if it’s just sex, then you can still meet zac.
zoe: ruby, i just don’t think it’ll be right. [thank goodness for her maturity here]. wade and i kind of have this unspoken agreement where we have sex everynight. [WHOA]
ruby: an unspoken agreement with wade kinsella.

Then she proceeds to spill on wade’s legendary leaving-the-prom-with-3-other-guys’-dates. Zoe thinks that she’s keeping wade happy enough that it’s different now.  ruby concedes, saying if zoe changes her mind, she can still call.

scene: lemon makes sure lavon hires her to be his campaign manager. she looks like she’s going to puke at the end of the scene.

ARGH i lost my post after this. AARRRGGGHHHH

that night, zoe is all dressed up, ready to play doctor with wade, when she sees him bring a blonde into his place and a sock on the door.

zoe is upset. she tries to talk to lavon in the guise of talking about lions’ mating habits.  she spills to ruby, who is nice enough to say, maybe it was a mistake, and she should ask wade about it. but zoe can’t bear to admit and let wade know that it bothered her. so she decides to take up ruby’s suggestion.

over with lemon, she is still nauseous. ruby puts up a competing meet and greet. she is dismayed to learn that the owls are endorsing lavon.

there’s a whole side story about how brick and magnolia can’t keep house.

zoe’s back at her house to get ready for her date. wade’s there. he flirts with her, saying he can work on her bathroom tomorrow as the tiles had arrived, unless she wanted to put him on bedrest. she tries very hard to make him jealous, but he’s unperturbed, even complimenting her dress-choice.

she gets mad, thinking she can play his game, and shifts the date to the rammer jammer.

lemon’s side story about her possibly being pregnant continues to ramp up and the stress shows on her face.

zoe is behaving worse than usual at her date. wade remains unperturbed, even giving them the first round of drinks on him.

george doesn’t get past the first layer of the compliment sandwich because shelby’s a talker.

zoe reacts to wade flirting with a customer, and proceeds to drink a lot. zac can tell something’s off….

lemon steals the pregnancy test, getting lavon into the mess when it is detected by frank the shopowner who had installed electronic gates.

back on the date, zoe is drunk. zac suggests he should walk her home. ruby chances upon them

ruby: oh no
zoe: oh no. no. this is not about the lion.
zac and i, we are having an awesome time. zac! (high 5s him) because i’m a casual, carefree, casual girl, and i am totally rocking the cash.

wade has come up behind her to tell her about lavon’s incident. she thinks he is jealous. wade whispers. zoe blurts. ruby reacts. zac’s pulled away.

comedy beat.

wade goes over to frank’s to help with the situation and learn’s about lemon’s involvement. he calls george to clue him in.

zoe runs after ruby but it’s too late. she’s already leaked the news to the paper.

at least zoe is clearminded enough to see that ruby isn’t being a friend to her at all. this ruby’s a crazy woman.

lavon reassures lemon.

lemon’s drinking after knowing she isn’t pregnant. george has come to find out. they have a nice honest talk. she realises she was just seasick. they eventually decide to trade places.

lemon: i’m not getting this. sometimes i think that god gave you such a big heart that he just left no room for plain sense.
after he says that if she had been pregnant they would have raised the child together, she says:
that is very kind of you. but it’s so so misguided. because it wasn’t what you wanted. again. and i think if you had spent 5 minutes any time in the last year thinking about that, we wouldn’t be in this debacle.

zoe goes to confess her part to lavon. she does blame him a bit! ugh. it was a good recap though.

zoe: ok. but remember when you didn’t want to hear about my sex life, well, ruby did want to hear about it. and she wanted to set me up with her cousin. and at first i was like no way, but then wade put a sock on his door, so i went on the date, because i can be casual too, and i can also be drunk, which i was, which i still might be, but then wade told me about the shoplifting and i blurted it out and ruby heard.

lavon: so, in trying to prove to wade that you can be casual, you casually destroyed my campaign?

the next day. most people are at ruby’s meet and greet.

zoe goes up to lavon, ignoring ruby on the way: i am sorry about all this. if you want, i can find another best friend whose life i could ruin. he realises non of it would have happened if he had just let her talk like a friend should. and he asks her to talk.

lavon: so go ahead… talk about wade.
zoe: Wade? Why the hell would I want to talk about Wade?
she changes her mind
zoe: Okay, maybe just one thing….

lemon goes to set things right.

george get’s the compliment sandwich wrong. wade has his face in his hand in dismay. george gets slapped.

after pouring out her frustrations, zoe comes to the main point. she just thought that being with her would mean that wade wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. but it turns out she’s just one of many (she thinks). it hurt her pride. lavon tells her he never figured her to be the casual type of girl anyway. she admits it too. but she really wanted to be casual.

ending scene: zoe goes over to wade’s place. they are so mature here.

zoe: look, i’m sorry i acted like such a wackadoo last night. i just don’t think this casual sex thing is for me.
wade: it’s too bad. i was kinda liking it [o my gosh is this his version of revealing his feelings?]
zoe: me too. which is why… i’m not asking you to be my boyfriend or anything, but i was just wondering, if you could do casual my way, which means being monogamous, casually.
wade: yea, yea i think i could do that.
sweet smile on zoe’s face. then she checks
zoe: you know what monogamous means, right? [he’s amused. why isn’t he insulted? he’s really a different kind of nice guy.] no hot blondes, no socks on the door.

now it dawns on him! i can’t believe he didn’t know. he clarifies it was nothing.

he starts a line…she doesn’t catch it until a long beat later…. they go off to have sex.

zade count: i call 2!







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