Hart of Dixie S02E02

Heh. Opening scene. Zoe & Wade in bed. Yay! Ya. I count this as them giving me the scene I want, even if it could be interpreted as the ending from the previous episode. Still counts for me.

4 nevers! haha. why does she want to stop so badly. lol.

well, if i’m interpreting this right, since the almost-wedding night, they’ve had sex at least once before the day of this opening scene. so hey, i guess this isn’t the morning after the ending of the previous episode 🙂

why does he keep saying she’s no good in bed? or did he really mean she’s getting better? faintz

nice bed and window view

she can’t find her pants. lol.

and she goes back for more sex. ok this definitely counts.
and after that she walks back home without her pants. seriously? only to be caught by her 15-yr-old friend, Rose. haha.

and wade’s holding up her pants behind rose (at his place). nice blocking.

scene: agnes’s bakery, lavon, ruby, zoe. boring

lavon refers to zoe’s love triangle.

which she denies, saying that she chose herself and that she can’t be a rebound. and she won’t be with george until he goes and sows his wild oats.

and lavon checks: so is she really going to be okay if george has sex with other women. [which is exactly what i thought ‘sow his wild oats’ meant!]

shocked, she says sex is a long time away. and that george’s heart needs time to heal.

really? i’m so confused. a check with the dictionaries show that there was a time it did not have purely sexual connotations, but means “to do wild and foolish things in one’s youth”.

lavon’s amusement is understandable. lol

and he refers to her continuing to get freaky with wade. which she denies. tries to deny. lol. “i totally stopped doing that” “like an hour ago”. HAhAHAHAH “see? under control” hahahah

lemon is a lousy waitress. too bossy. ok. but weird. i thought she’d be good at getting people’s requests right and all that, since she always seems so particular about things.

george goes fishing.

zoe’s reaction is weird. “good. if you like fishing. i mean if it makes you happy. are you happy? because i want you to be happy. and i know i threw a lot at you last week”. she is really weird. is she guilty that she’s getting freaky with wade, pretending that she didn’t choose wade?

he’s not happy about what she threw at him, but he’s not giving up. and he’s going to become the best version of himself that he can be. because she deserves it. *pukes* why she reply “so do you” ?

zoe goes back and talks to lavon. she says she is bad. bad bad bad. hahaha. lavon consoles her that her having sex with wade is not bad. [it’s not? then what? it’s training? lol. just my stupid joke)]

wade walks in “not bad? i heard it’s freaking awesome” hahahaha he always has gd timing.

the bet is made here. that she can go 48hours w/o sex with him. hahahahah

is she lame or what. or just a fast learner? she keeps taking other people’s words and using them.

oh….she thinks that sleeping with someone she doesn’t like is not her being her best self. sheesh. way to hurt him. but he seems impervious.

but he says she’s hooked.

that shake with the tease. aiyoh.

she claims she’s gone years w/o sex. lavon’s insight is priceless. ahahaha.

george goes to have breakfast at rammer jammer.

lemon is trying to marry the ketchups. she is civil to him, but manages to get in a joke about maybe the ketchups would actually to through with it. hahahahaha.

he then meets wade. ‘hey’. they make up.

zoe’s using eating marshmallows (instead of smoking) to get her mind of having sex with wade. she’s at the 24hour mark! haha.

now she has to help rose.

rose: i took your advice. lavon: smart girl like you should know better. hahahhahahah

wade thinks george means fishing for women when he’s really just fishing. lol. wade is so cute!

zoe’s mum cannot find a rock act for rose’s rock concert. lavon suggests someone local. but it turns out wade’s the one who knows her. it’s complicated.

zoe’s dismayed expression is priceless.

when zoe says lavon is the better person to ask wade, rose’s “oh, so that’s where your pants were” is so fitting.

lavon: “surely you can ask the man a question without falling into bed”

her struggle is priceless.

the wade-zoe back and forth is good stuff.

and it turns out it means wade can’t be george’s wingman.

wade so likes zoe so much

so wade gets into the car with zoe. she looks awkward. they glance at each other. you’d think she’s going to grab him at any moment. they’re like newlyweds! but she also looks like she has a plan.

he changes the station she put on. seriously? i’m surprised she let’s that slide. why does she look over? then she says she’s going to pull over. i really thought he had her. so did he. and rose pops up and screams “road trip woo hoo” ahahahahahahhaah he was SHOCKED! good prank zoe.

he refuses to let her ride shotgun. ha ha ha.

lemon gets fired. forces the boss not to fire her that day. george is there executing the plan laid out by wade.

george’s opening line fails, he follows by telling her he’s a lawyer (who does that??) the whole exchange looks weird. but she seemed to like it.

george calls wade when he’s out of small talk and the magic song hasn’t come on yet.

wade’s in the car and after the exchange, zoe asks why george is calling. apparently, wade doesn’t think rose should know so much, so he couches it in coaching george through a game of battleship and so on. rose’s i-know-what-you’re-talking-about look is so cute. especially when she tells zoe that he means a one-night-stand.

why does zoe think she knows that george isn’t ready for that?

according to wade, the heart has nothing to do with what’s abt to happen. zzz

and then he gets it. “what’s the big deal” he asks. afterall, she claimed she didn’t want to be with him. now rose knows! luckily she’s not a blabber. zoe tries to pretend she’s fine with things.

lemon fails spectacularly when she gives emily the seafood gumbo instead of the chicken, prompting an allergic reaction.

cut to the indie singer tearing into wade in her song.

see, anyone else who sees them together would at least guess that there’s something between them.

“who are you? his girlfriend? run! run from wade. you can hear further instructions in my song, run from wade.” hahahahaah

zoe is so serious when lilly-ann consults her.

george is distracted from the girl he picked up when he sees lemon looking sad. he goes over to console her. aiyoh. he volunteers to make things up to her. and she makes him bus tables. lol. now that girl he almost had a one night stand with thinks he’s a busboy! hahaha. epic fail.

lavon confides in ruby. looks nice and pleasant.

lilly-ann says she can’t help because her band is on hiatus. and doesn’t want to play with her old band.

zoe’s grabbing of wade to talk in the corner is such a sign of their familiarity. zoe tells wade to just apologise and she will sing. he thinks it’s a bad idea because lilly-ann is still hung up on him. he gets a message from george. she is so relieved when he tells her george struck out. not from lack of coaching. but surely from lack of manpower…

wade sees how relieved zoe is, and rightly gets mad, agrees to apologise. oh the jealousy game started here! haha. but it’s gd. zoe only has herself to blame.

he was so smooth in his apology! very him, but still seemed real.

now zoe looks angry. ha! the writers are good!

zoe tries to get her place back by pulling wades arm. way to try to exert dominance!

lilly-ann jumps at the chance to stay over at wade’s after the gig. and he turns to ask zoe if it’s fine with her! man he’s good. of course she has to say yes. she is so asking for it.

she still pulls him! “get in the car”

the next day, at the 36hour mark, she’s happy she hasn’t slept with wade since she was helping rose. and she says she imported a toy to distract wade! aiyoh.

as if wade would be bothering her for sex. i do agree she’s the addicted one.

at the palooza…

zoe gets jealous! and she unintentionally intentionally sabotages rose when she validates lilly-ann’s hypocondria and she runs off before singing. aiyoh. wade rightly gets mad at zoe.

i love the fight that wade had with her. now he’s not interested in the sex, and he has a hundred bucks in his pocket for her! hahaha

“i know. there’s something wrong with me” oh she is so right.

at least lavon’s clear. she doesn’t want wade to have sex with somebody else because she likes him. a denial from her doesn’t sound true. she whines that he hasn’t been paying attention. he reminds her she had told george to date other people. ha. she said it, but she actually doesn’t want it. and same goes for wade. geez. girl. something’s really wrong with you.

a selfish horrible mess. ooh…when she says “i need some marshmallows” it’s so sad.

oh dear ruby’s going to run for mayor against lavon. man…she’s a crazy person.

episode ends with zoe looking on as wade and george are surrounded by ladies. wade is so aware that she’s jealous. he’s so much better at this than she is.

it was a nice talk between rose and zoe when rose comes over to zoe.

until next episode!

the Zade count: once this episode. at least once in-between this episode and the previous one.


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