Hart of Dixie S02E01

Oh yeah! Season 2 is upon us!

I loved the Season 1 finale so much and I’m so glad Hart of Dixie is back!

Glad they picked up the day after the disaster.

Why does Wanda think it is Zoe’s fault?

I’m surprised the first speaking lines were from Tom and Wanda.

George calls Zoe in the morning and she doesn’t pick up! Haha.

She’s been thinking. You know they’re trying to tell you she was thinking because she wasn’t even snuggling with Wade.

It’s so cute (yet weird) that Zoe’s so comfortable with Lavon that she ran over to tell him with just a robe over her undies!

LOL with Lemon grabbing Cricket’s neck. Sidenote: I thinke Jaime King’s original hair colour isn’t blond! hmmm
Zoe’s crazy. Why did she wake Lavon up? Have they been having pajama parties there? I’m still surprised that she’s so comfortable with him.

It’s so cute that the first person she told was Lavon. haha. Cute conversation. I loved his laugh!!! I like the R Kelly reference by Zoe. Lavon’s a good friend. I’m glad she felt she connected with wade. She’s the one who needs to grow to like Wade more (Wade already likes her more than she likes him, despite what he may deny).

When she started to speculate about what would have happened if George hadn’t stopped by, I didn’t get the implication at first. I suppose she might have just had more sex. Or would she have opened her whole heart to Wade? She was cut short by Lavon.

She’s such a child! She doesn’t know which one to keep?! And she asks Lavon? I’m glad he was on track and said it was a question for her.

Lavon’s so sensible when it comes to this. He knows one of them will get hurt. I’m quite sure he hopes it’s not Wade. It’s a little strange that if it was him he’d be honest with the both of them, but I’m impressed. It’s good advice! She did need to do it before it blew up in her face. It’s good that Wade was never looking for a long deep commitment the way Zoe seemed to be. At least his intention was, let’s see what’s here now first. Not let’s make big grand ever after plans. He wasn’t thinking she was some one true love. But it’s a little sad he didn’t admit how big a deal she really was to him.

Scene goes to Lemon. Moving on.

So Zoe is eating cereal in the kitchen and George pops in! She’s shocked and almost chokes. (She should have drunk some milk). Phew. He was just there to thank Lavon for his help. But he immediately starts flirting with her and trying to kiss her! Seriously, even Wade didn’t do that after the make-out-in-the-car episode in episode one. Indeed, for all the wild things Wade is reputed to have done, I don’t remember them showing him being so forward with women.

(and now that I reviewed episode 1, i think zoe’s entire basis for liking george was just purely physical! sheesh. he gave a her a lift, flirted with her, saved her as she was screaming from an alligator…)

Lol. grand romantic gesture. He says he chose her. And he is getting closer to her. And she is trying to keep her distance. Way to go Zade! Heh. I really think the whole experience made her close enough to wade such that this other guy wasn’t so attractive after all. At this point, i was really hoping she would choose wade at the end of the episode.

oh that twanggy music when george told wade he had called off the wedding. and how zoe tried to hide that she was with wade. and how wade made sure she couldnt hide it. classic. just solid.

oh and i loved that whole “but wade? you and w…wade? wade and you? wade and zoe. zoe and wade.” ahahahahaha. i wish he had given up there and then.

and when he asked “you got feelings for him” and her “erm. i’m not sure”. oh cool. got my hopes up again.

george: wow. i see.

zoe: but george, you know how i feel about you [is she serious??] none of this is what i expected to happen. i just i need some time. to think.

did he really expect her to tell him how long?? he just turned his whole life upside down for her. seriously? only in tvland.

and lavon walks in. so that’s why the conversation was cut short.

lavon: did i miss anything? hahahahah. she hates the outcome of being honest with the 2 guys. oh but seriously, i’m more impressed with wade’s  reaction. at least he’s not childish about it. he’s the grownup among the 3.

best line so far: You’re the worst girlfriend in the whole world! [it’s really in the way she said it. hahaha]

I’m really quite upset that the cast picture shows george beside zoe. (in order, l to r, wade, george, zoe, lavon, lemon, brick)

zoe looks for wade. at least she admits she shouldn’t have hid that it was george at the door. it’s true isn’t it? why isn’t she happier? [after 5 episodes: the writers have been trying to show her not wanting to be his rebound and all that, but there’s nothing that explains where she got the wisdom to keep him at arm’s length. upon review, now i understand why she has been pushing george away. it’s that talk with lemon after her panic attack. ]

interesting how the conversation went. after the sex, i’m guessing wade did get something out of his system when it came to her. but at least it didn’t turn him off. he seemed to be ok having been the rebound guy for zoe and he did reasonably expect her to choose george. after all, there wasn’t any reason to choose him. she tries to get him to say something to help her choose him (oh my the implications of this). but hey. was he really smart enough to use putting her skills down to make her want to try and prove him wrong? my goodness. or are they just trying to say: oh he just happens to push the right buttons, and that’s why they’re such a good match.

“good luck with golden boy” haiyoh.

meeting ruby – “and how did you anger the universe that it would send you back now.” haha. cute. not malicious.

brick’s love connection

zoe asks ruby for advice. and she uses the same line that zoe told lavon! way to go writers!

george comes and apologises for the whole w&z, z&w spiel. and she looks happy. nicely lit scene [but not the same happy she uses when she heard what earl said in episode 3. i think she’s more happy there.]

good thing george says he should have done something earlier and he understands if she chooses wade. [i would say not choosing him means choosing wade. but i had no idea how far it would go. zade are good together! although it does go back to the whole physical attraction thing and i wish that wasn’t the basis. sigh. even I’m conflicted. after the end of the episode, i really wanted them to show zade having sex every episode. they only disappointed me in episode 3, but that was the episode earl revealed how much zoe had gotten under wade’s skin. it was so cute. wade was so mad at zoe after episode 2 that he stayed away for episode 3,]

oh but george does really need her to choose him. i can only say that at this point, the right thing to do was to say no, and then leave him to deal with it in his own way. afterall, she can’t have the town hating her again. but i will never understand why she decides that she must push george to see other people and get serious about them.

it is quite a nice scene. “the girl of my dreams within my reach. and i had to reach” hmm. i guess he’s not seeing very clearly is he. does he really know her? hmm…..he wants to be her protector. her knight in shining armour. hmmmm small towns. i guess if they are expected to stick with 1 job their entire life, then i guess the only way their life moves on is by changing their personal situation.

the ‘choose me’ part is really so…puppydog

lemon trying to find a job. that whole fake laughs thingy. sheesh.

i’m really surpised that in this day and age lemon can really get by by being on committees and taking care of her sister for 10 years and everything else provided by her father. mindboggling.

i like how wade teases zoe. you dont want to be weighed down when the whole town is chasing after you with pitchforks. hmm zoe doesn’t really need a knight. she just needs to stay out of trouble herself. not get helped out of trouble. hence wade is better. at least he won’t try to save her.

but hey, he eats her fries. nice chemistry! she is still trying to get him to admit something. she’s right. this line does get me: i put myself out there. i told you how i felt about last night. and now she really needs to know how he feels. seriously, she wants to choose him. at least he likes the sex enough to want to continue. strangely enough, i do like that he’s not jousting for a place or to have some grand romantic gesture to win zoe. its probably his best choice, but it’s amazing how it works out in his favour story-wise.

lemon lashes out at brick. (rightly so!) i’m glad she started thinking.

ruby makes her appearance at lavon’s place. hahaha. nice scream zoe!

haha. zoe’s 2 best friends used to date. ahahahah. small towns.

lemon’s panic attack (lol) makes the town think she’s after zoe. haha.

hmmmm george makes peace offering to wade…..but uses it to declare he is really in it to win it. i thought it was some alpha move. but that line ‘so it isn’t going to be the easiest competition for you’. oh……he thought wade had a good chance! fascinating.

then wade sees lemon and going into to zoe’s place

zoe falls while trying a flying kick on lemon. hhahahahaha

“no you idiot. i’m here because i can’t breathe.”

wade is so tickled by the whole thing! hahaha

and gets more amused when he hears there’s a knife involved. ahahaha

“not helping!” haha.

lavon and ruby talk.

he does have difficulty with difficult conversations.

george thinks he should be going in. wade’s right! what a bad idea.

lavon asks if they’ve seen zoe.

wade’s understatement of the year: she’s entertaining. lemon. [ahahahaah] who has a knife (george adds)

lavon wants to go over. george says he’s the wrong person. (well, i think he’s wrong. he just doesn’t want lavon to get into it because he already got into it once.) wade’s reaction: what has lavon got to do with all this? interestinger and interestinger. lol.

lemon thinks if it was a panic attack, it means she’s the fragile thing everyone thinks she is. (she is awfully thin….)

sheriff: web search. kidnapping with a lethal weapon. lol

the pan over to the 3 guys’ reactions is priceless.

emily and brick are interrupted. lemon took zoe hostage. hahaha. “this will take one minute. maybe 2.” hahaha. and the entire rammer jammer runs out to watch the hostage crisis! hahaha

there’s a party. even tables!

“what would john maclane do.”

george wants to go in. wade says he’ll only make things worse so he says he’ll go in. george pushes him back.

george says: you’re not going in there. it’s my problem.

wade: see, it’s your fault. not your problem. i’m going. [o my god i just get more impressed by the minute]

george: don’t you dare.

wade: george, we don’t have 15 years for you to make your move. it’s not what they need.

george: and i’m sure you know what the 2 of them really need.

wade’s reply is priceless. haha

and george gets mad at him for insulting his dream girl. haha. well. wade does have one-up on him where it comes to zoe. he did get her to cave.

and they fight/wrestle. intercut with the 2 ladies inside.

nice fight!

seriously, i’m still surprised the town hasn’t figured out zoe was with wade. or wade was with zoe. sheesh.

thank goodness lemon had done enough in the day to realise that she had been with george for so long that she had no idea what she was like without him. (hence giving zoe food for thought).

zoe empathises that her life’s in a mess too, even mentioning she had been having sex with wade. (and now we know, at least 3 times the same night)

{intercut wade bites george’s finger and punches george}

panic attack telling body that today is not the best day for big changes.

baby steps.

wanda’s confusion as to why the 2 guys are fighting is understandable.

tom long’s spinning a story that is just slightly off….

the ladies come out.

i’m glad lemon didn’t let george take the blame for the entire breakup

tom long asks: was it wade? wade: no!

haha. seriously, in typical style, i think everyone would have expected that if zoe wasn’t the wrecker, then wade was. yikes…

i understand now why she realises she cannot be george’s rebound. but actually, i don’t think she’s right about that. she’s right that she cannot be with him. but i don’t think the right term is rebound. i think, if she gets together with him, it would still be more of an affair. what he needs is to find out what he is without lemon, but i wouldn’t term it rebounding.

i’m glad there was a moment they made us think she chose wade. haha. or did she? lol. and is george more disappointed that (he thought) she chose wade, or that she didn’t choose him?

“wade just helped me get through your wedding day.” sheesh poor wade, treated like a piece of meat. ok. sexy piece of meat. then she says “apparently, that’s it.” well….hmm…i suppose she has been led to think that way. is she a little disappointed that that’s all it is? oh my. i think she wants wade to say he likes her.

george’s confusion is understandable.

george says he will never hurt her again. i’m confused. which episode did he hurt her? don’t tell me is the after new orleans thingy.

she’s right when she repeats that he just got out of a 15-yr relationship and doesn’t seem to know what he’s like without lemon.

he thinks he knows how he feels about her and knows that he can make things work. i suppose in this version of tvland, he might very well be right. i mean, besides the small recurring characters who might pelt her with tomatoes every day, there’s not much story there. but seriously, has anyone really made that choice before on tv?

ah. but she says, realising, that she has never been in a real relationship. and that he’s never even dated (there’s a line from the series opener where he says “i’m so glad she (lemon) chose me”, or to that effect)

she thinks he should date. she says she cannot be his rebound. and she says she is asking him to date other people. seriously, this is one theory i’ve never seen on tv before…. and then it is followed by some crazy stars align thingy. blah blah blah.

i don’t think he needs to heal lah! lemon needs to heal. george….george actually needs to get his heart broken! ah! finally i get it. well. she needs to properly break up with him then! they’ve been having an affair! ah!!!
lemon in rammer jammer. why in the world does it look like she is wearing what zoe had on before? oh…i see. zoe’s had holes. lemon’s has silver-looking paint spots.

i’m just surprised that she isn’t waitress material. doesn’t she want to get everything right and proper and all that?

lavon has grown up. and to know that he was so scared of ruby….oh my…i do wonder why she’s such a character….

lavon: you staying? why? – oh my. the expression he put into it. oh my.
good acting!

and i’m delighted that zade fell into bed again.


and that’s when i wanted them to have such scenes in every episode.

oh a girl can hope. and somehow i think that real progress comes when there’s a scene where they’re clothed, holding each other by the waist, but angled away, talking, showing their closeness. and just some gentle kisses. somehow, for them this would show progress.

Zade count: one. at the end of episode.


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