Hart of Dixie S01E22 – I’m a Zade shipper

Ah well, I’m really quite addicted to this show too. But it’s actually very girly and not a show I’d typically be following. But I’m glad I started (though I really don’t understand all that southern stuff)
Good thing is the lead character is as much a fish out of water as I am.

Ok. Anyway, I’m not seeing any blogs out there that I feel like I can comment on, so I’ve decided to talk to myself again.

I’m going to blog about the episodes starting from the finale of Season 1. I’ll rewatch them and try to recapture what I was thinking about them, and whatever else I’ve come up with since then.

I was really happy with the ending for Season 1.

I was very taken by the song that was played when they finally got together (even though it was just sex).

OMG the actual song in its entirety is so sexy.

Run by Matt Nathanson featuring Sugarland [To me I’m really not sure what difference it makes that it features Sugarland, as opposed to to featuring Sugarland’s lead singer. Did they really record together with the band or what?]

And I even started clipping all the Wade+Zoe moments and I wanted to put it all together. (best laid plans indeed.). They’re still in separate clips.

I love their first scene together here. Wade is just such a real and straightforward person! The only things I remember him hiding are his plans for having his own bar (by deliberately hiding his good cocktail) and his secret real liking of Zoe.

“That’s because I hate you” haha.

[Really Lemon? Swans walking around? I suppose I should have expected the string quartet.]

{at this point i decided to rewatch ep21. so touching when she realises she cares. and the scene with brick. amazing! and george seemed really into lemon. is this just because they’ve been together so long?}

zoe is such a child when she fantasises about saying ‘i object’ from the rom-coms. time-waster scene. but somewhat necessary. grr.

and the storm…..what a good reason to make all these things happen! simple, yet cooked up enough trouble for us to get wade shirtless, zoe wet and the wedding screwed up!

as a girl, i really get where zoe is coming from. what’s the point of getting involved with wade if it isn’t going anywhere? (or it doesn’t look like it can). but that down to earth way that wade talked about how they had something going on between them, it made a difference to the message. he didn’t put down the idea of marrying her, but the way he said it, it was just that that wasn’t what he was talking about. it is a something, without being so baseless as thinking that you can just aim for marriage and go about the relationship that way. it really communicated the idea of ‘let’s just start of with what we have first’.

i liked that kiss just as the sheriff opened the barn door. there was emotion in it!

the little looks they gave each other in the back seat, so cute.

“what you two need to do, is go home, take off those clothes, get into a hot shower, and warm up”. ooo the implications! the looks they gave each other!

but they couldn’t swing it. sheriff wasn’t going to let zoe off with wade.

oh the look they showed, her looking at him running to his place. very well placed. and him looking back. tiny swoon.

back at the wedding, after handling so many things, the roof starts to fall in……

i’m glad they showed how george was pushed to the edge. how knowing zoe was staying, and how it came to the point where he admitted that if it didn’t happened as planned, it might not happen at all.

i liked emily!

now…the thing is, why was zoe just walking in her bathrobe towards her fireplace when she got her aha moment? not sure i understood the choice.

oh….but the whole coffee maker tie-in was just brilliant. and that little look of delight that wade had. haha.

and zoe’s smile while looking out of the window. oh oh oh.

and the same song [I’ll Be Waiting by Garrison Starr] being used in the background while the zade scene was going on, then going to george with the rain and lavon. “why didn’t anybody tell me she was saying” oh the way he said it. oh man. you can tell he was so conflicted. but he had gone too far to turn back.

or so it seemed.

i liked the way lavon was dealing with it too. it’s that voice. it just makes him sound so much more grounded. i believed him when he said he wanted them to succeed.

now i know how they make all these triangles work.

A likes B, but B is already in a relationship with C. Fail.

A has an ex D, B has an ex E, C had an ex F.

A somewhat moves on and gets involved with G. Pass

Then B and C break up. Fail.

Now B goes back to A. But A is with G mah. Fail.

Eventually, C finds another guy/gal, H.

F realises he/she still likes C, but now there’s H.

OMG. then they can go back n forth, how who likes who now, who likes who no more, then who has rekindled feelings for who, etc etc etc.


anyway, i really like the song that was playing when wade knocked on zoe’s door. Run by Matt Nathanson ft. Sugarland {why the credits are done this way must be a really bureaucratic thing} Anyway, Oh my my. I kept getting the song wrong. And when I finally heard it in its entirety, oh my….a very hot song! Could be just metaphorical, or could be talking about something entirely literal in a figurative way. Oh My My.

it was such a FINALLY!!! moment.

then to the george+lemon scene. and then he told her about his feelings for zoe! which didn’t happen before. at least she had told him about her+lavon before the wedding. seriously. george sucks at this point. and the punch was AWESOME!

i like how wade enjoyed zoe. and how she enjoyed him. it was so sweet. and nice.

and then the knock.

I’m really impressed that they made the shadow of on the door look like a hat, which made me (and hopefully other viewers too) think that it was Lavon (since he had been wearing hats). And then it was such a shock to see George at her door.

she was too calm. otherwise it would have given away the fact that she had been having sex with wade.

It drove me crazy that she let him kiss her. i don’t think she kissed him back. and that look she had, thinking about what just happened. oh my gosh. sheesh. boy do they have a lot to talk about. at this point, i’m glad she doesn’t have a girlfriend to talk to. lavon is a much better option. (although not exactly the best…)

her look said – what have you done? that’s not right.

she walks in, looking confused and thoughtful. i think for a moment she had let herself like wade! and now it had happened, she thought george shouldn’t have done it. then she smiled in reply to wade.  and she was thoughtful. that final look. it was not ‘what have i done’ but i think it was ‘what has he done’ and then i’m sure they just slept. frankly, if the show had been cancelled, i would have been happy imagining zade forever.

Anyway, I thought it was really cute that Zoe got Wade to come over by starting her coffee machine and making the fuse blow. I hope there was the smell of coffee when he got there! :p

It was a long wait until Season 2 started. Boo hoo hoo!

Zade count: one encounter. apparently 3 times at least. lol


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